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Product review from Global Security Mag

global security mag archangel and sst

global security mag archangel and sst

For companies, government bodies or even individuals, data security is one of the most important elements as it relates to internal secrecy. However, hackers seem to have many ways to break the data security which makes companies lose millions of dollars. At the state and government level, hackers can disturb national security by leaking secret data. Thus, technological innovation to fight hackers is urgently needed.

Having realized the importance of data security, PTSydeco, a Yogyakarta-based data security company, launched two latest technologies in data security: Archangel and Secure System Transmission (SST) which work simultaneously. The combination of these two innovations is their capability to use machine learning to analyze all types of cyberattacks and prepare the defense from current and future attacks. These two technologies were created by young practitioners from Yogyakarta who have high skills and capabilities in information technology.

• Archangel is a SMART BOX whose function is to filter all the flows entering an establishment, whether by cable or using WiFi and to protect all connected installations against any external attack. Archangel has flexibility to be stored in client side (on-site) or in the service provider (hosted). The function of machine learning inside Archangel is to analyze the pattern of attacks that never appeared before and prevent the attack before it goes to the networks.

• SST is the intelligent system that makes cryptography an obsolete means of protection. SST allows users to safely store, send and receive unencrypted data on and from a mobile phone or any other mobile or non-mobile device, such as computer, using the internet. SST has two “smart agents” in sender and receiver, to protect the data, both automatically or on-demand. Sender will transform data into various waves and colors depends on the content of the data, while receiver will re-transform into original form. SST can protect all forms of data, including phone conversation.

Apart from Archangel and SST, PT Sydeco has also launched Secure System Payment to ensure security in financial transaction. This innovation has been launched in 2016 and has been used by big organizations including Badan Zakat Nasional (BAZNAS).

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